The Russian Imperial Charity Ball in Los Angeles

Welcome from the Chairman

January 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have great pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd Russian Imperial Charity Ball in Los Angeles. On behalf of our patron and organizing committee, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all our guests for their attendance and support of this charitable event.

I believe our thriving charity ball, helps make this social event a special one, in bringing our friends and guests together in promoting our different charitable causes, delivering successful results and at the same time offering a delightful atmosphere for enjoyment.

My vision of the Russian Imperial Charity Balls, which has been organized by the Assembly of Russian Nobility, Chapter of Western USA, has been for promoting the traditional pre-1917 Russian balls in as many countries, fund raising for worthy charitable causes, so far in LA and Dublin.

Before any further note, I would like to thank all our overseas guests who have made the effort to be present tonight. I hope our balls will become an international celebrity event. Also, my thanks go to sponsors of the ball.

We are also most grateful to Count Andrei Tolstoy-Miloslavsky for being the patron of our balls, since the inception in 2010.

We are also most honored to have Mrs. Natalia Sabelnik, the President of Congress of Russian Americans as honorary guest, a dear friend who has always supported our charitable causes.

I also would like to welcome our special guests, Ms. Valentina Sweargen, Ms. Julia Polanskaya and Ms. Julia Vilumane from Riga Opera House, who will delight you with their extraordinary performance tonight.

I would like to thank all the guests and extend my best wishes for a joyous, memorable and wonderful evening celebrating our 2nd Russian Imperial Charity Ball in Los Angeles.

Feodor M. Yakimoff
Assembly of Russian Nobility of Western USA